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Thyroid & Adrenal Stress

Hormonal Imbalances

 PMS - Menopause

Digestive Disorders

IBS - Leaky Gut

Depression - Anxiety

Allergies - Sensitivities

Chronic Infections

Heavy metal toxicity

Weight loss



My Story ...

I am passionate about living life in a way where my "Body, Soul & Spirit" is thriving and that I have joy while pursuing a healthy life.  Like most of us I was very busy with life (marriage, children, business, ministry) that I forgot about myself and neglected my health. My body and emotions hit an all-time low.  I experienced severe fatigue, adrenal stress, headaches, anxiety and sleep problems. This is when I realized that my health is too important to neglect any longer. If you do not allow yourself to accept love and the ability to take good care of yourself it makes it hard to give to others and live your most joyous life. I was determined to start my own wellness journey with JOY every step of the way. I have information, secrets & tips that have helped me have "Health, Healing & Happiness." As a doctor and coach it is important for me to help my clients find and search out their own journey of health and wellness in a supportive, educated and encouraging way.  I am here to help you create your own Wellness Story…

My Credentials ...

I received my doctorate of chiropractic from L.A.C.C. in 1988. Having a successful career as a chiropractor, nutritionist and weight loss coach, my approach is to address the whole person. I have a wide range of experience and training with certification in many techniques, with an emphasis on the 'Brimhall' method- a protocol focused on locating and eliminating interference to your health. My primary focus is on nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities along with emotional stress and toxicity. I am skilled with Applied Kinesiology (bio-energetic feedback analysis) accompanied by emotional clearing techniques. As  a wellness advocate I have shared my experience of health and wellness by teaching at health care classes, local businesses, wellness seminars and conferences. 

My Philosophy ...

My purpose is to see individuals live a healthy and joyous life. I believe that every person not only has the ability to regain health and vitality, but also to have a life that is working for them.

Lets establish habits that help you to "Live your Healthy"

Dr. Heidi Roles

Golden, CO 80403



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