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How Color Therapy and Sound Therapy Benefits your health

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Our thoughts, although abstract, instantaneously invoke chemical reactions in the brain, called Neuropeptides. The Neuropeptides then flow to different parts of the body, influencing it on a physical level. The brain does not discriminate as to whether the thought is useful or not. It will process a beneficial thought just as easily as one that is not. The interface where thoughts affect us physically is expressed through our emotions. The emotions are an exchange between mind and body. These chemical and energy patterns are stored in the mind-body field and are called, ‘emotional memory’. Perceptions and beliefs are represented by stored memories held in this field, we call our mind. Past experiences and perceptions affect your emotional responses. These emotional responses or reflexes can be played and re-played and create interferences to normal function. Suppressed negative feelings that you thought were dead and gone, may reappear. What you may not of realized is that these negative feelings/emotions are not always completely resolved. These suppressed feelings remain and limit one’s ability to perceive situations properly. Researchers say that 90% of disease has an emotional root.

Do you suffer from phobia that is getting in the way of your daily function? Do you feel depressed for no reason? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Do you have sleepless nights? Do you feel misunderstood? Then you might be suffering from unresolved feelings that are affecting your physical energy field (body) and how you feel about yourself. One of the ways to help release these negative feelings is through Emotional Clearing ‘EFT’ (Removing Negative Emotional Patterns), Color & Sound Therapy, creating positive language & beliefs. Think of it like this EMOTIONS=Energy in motion….

How Color and Sound Therapy Benefits your health

Color Therapy:

Color can assist the body's natural ability to re-balance itself. Color serves to support our vitality of life by supplying light energy into our system. Color therapy eyewear is a means of directing color energy into our body. The eyes convert colored light into electricity, which travels through our nervous system, influencing body functions. When color enters our eyes each frequency is directed to the area of the body that recognizes that particular frequency. This causes cellular and hormonal changes to occur, thus creating a healthy balance.

Sound Therapy:

Sound is a form of energy. Music is a way for us to understand spiritual information clearly. The whole body responds to sound. Sound works directly on the nervous system, radiating energy, which creates specific effects according to its frequency and intensity. Every sound emits certain color. Sound & Color are just different rates of vibrations. Healing, emotional and physical is assisted by vibrations from Sound & Color on a deep cellular level. Studies have shown that we are born with a song in us!

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